Valuation Settings - Custom Values


Timeline & Stories

Blinkfire offers the option to customize CPE, CPM, and CPV values for images, video, and text as well as Instagram Stories. (Images = CPE and CPM; Videos= CPE, CPM, and CPV).   

In the example above, if you want to change Twitter and Instagram's CPE for Images and Facebook's CPE for Videos:  

1. Click on the edit icon 

2. Type in the custom CPE per platform you'd like to use. 

Images: Twitter's CPE changed from $.75 to $.50, and Instagram's CPE changed from $.60 to $1.00. 

Videos: Facebook's CPE changed from $.35 to $.45

When a platform value changes, it changes across the platform for the individual user's license. You always have the option to "reset" the values back to the default. If you are interested in valuing a specific channel, go to Channels. 

Please note: Impressions and Video Views are private data. If you are valuing content by CPM and/or CPV, non-owned and operated entities will default to CPE. Go to Valuation Settings.