Playlists are a convenient way to create collections of posts across all social network channels that can easily be shared with other users, or saved for later. To create a new Playlist, select the plus icon on any item in the card view or single item view. You can add that item to an existing Playlist or create a new one. Playlist live under "My Content". 




When adding posts to a playlist, there are a few tricks: 
- "Sort by" - which will sort by date range
- "Search playlist" to find the playlist you are looking for (if you have quite a few)
- Green Check Mark - When adding a post to a playlist, a green checkmark means that the post in questions is already included in that playlist. Below you will see the the green checkmark, meaning the post is in the playlist DRL. 
- Yellow Thumbtack - When you click on the thumbtack, it moves pins a playlist to the top of the list. Below you can see that the "Twitch Videos" playlist is pinned to the top.
- Any time a playlist reads "followed" it means you are following a playlist that someone else created. 

When you click on "Show playlists containing this post" it will filter to show the playlists that only include the post you want to add.