Valuation Settings - Channels


When you click on Channels, a user is presented with the ability to customize specific social media channels' valuation settings. 

How does Channel Valuation work?

If you are Chelsea FC, you can set specific channel valuation settings.

For example, if you want to value your main Twitter handle differently than your Instagram account, you have the flexibility to change that. 

Step 1: Search Channel by Entity or by Channel directly

Step 2: Choose the valuation method you would like. In the example below, we will use CPE for images and text, and CPV for videos. These channel values will override the values set for the platform via Timeline. 

Default Valuations

You'll notice that default valuations are set in place for image, video, and text. CPE is the default valuation for these mediums.  

Why is CPE the default valuation? Can I value a non-owned entity by CPM or CPV?

If you are Chelsea FC and want to value Real Madrid's Facebook Page's image and text posts by CPM and videos by CPV, the default valuation of CPE would kick in. 

You can't value a non-owned entity by CPM or CPV since impression and video view data is private, and therefore Chelsea FC would not have access to Real Madrid's data. You can only value specific channels you own by CPE, CPM, and CPV. All non-owned and operated entity channels are valued by CPE (and you can change those values).

You can either use the default CPE for the social media platform (whatever you have set in place via Timeline) or you can set your own "Fallback CPE" for the channel that will override whatever is set for the platform.

In the example above, Real Madrid's Facebook default for images and text is set to $.25, but for videos a new fallback CPE was set at $.50 (instead of the default of $.35).