What Is E-score?

E-score, short for "engagement score" is a measure used by Blinkfire Analytics to "level the playing field" for all posts in our system, measuring the rate of engagement a post has rather than the absolute number of engagements. Because the pure number of engagements that a post may get is highly dependent on the number of followers a  player or team has, if you were to compare two posts between one player that has tens of millions of followers against another player who has tens of thousands, it is very likely that the posts from the player with the greater number of followers would always appear to be trending faster or be more popular, when this may not be the case.

We are always tuning e-scores so we do not publish the exact formula, but a rough way to think about e-score is the number of engagements a post has received divided by the total number of followers that entity has, normalized across sports and channels so that Facebook's larger number of users than Twitter's still allow you to compare posts.