Sponsorship - PPTX Export

In the Sponsorship dashboard, export a PowerPoint (PPTX) report full of insights and data from your entity's and players' social media exposure with official brand partners. 

Follow these steps:

  1. After selecting the date range for your report, click Export PPTX.

  2. Choose which brands to download. 
    2a. All brands in license. 

    2b. Choose a specific brand or brands in license. 

  3. Choose a cover photo by uploading or dragging images or pasting image URLs. If you decide to not use a cover image, this will be left blank in the report. 

  4. Select a playlist to use that will display images throughout the PPTX (optimal number of posts in playlist is 6-10). You can select from a playlist you already have or make a new one. If you decide not to use a playlist, this will be left blank in the report. 

    This is an example of how images from a playlist will appear in the PPT).
  5. Click "Download Report" (to download directly from Blinkfire or click "Send it by email" and it will arrive in your inbox. 

  6. You’ll have a PPTX report in a matter of seconds. In the PPTX you’ll find: Key Terms & Definitions, Team Scoreboard, Player Scoreboard, Media Scoreboard, Other Entities Scoreboard, Overall Scoreboard, Official Partnerships, Individual Partnerships.

  7. Don’t need a cover photo or images in your PPTX? By clicking Use blank styling with no images in this PPTX your PPTX won't have any images and your cover image and logo won’t be included in the PPTX.