Sponsorship Brand Interaction

When you click on a brand from Sponsorship Overview, you're brought to the brand interaction page. Brand interactions include, visual mentions, video mentions, hashtag mentions, Facebook Branded Content, and @ mentions. 

As a summary of the brand interactions, the interactive graphs and charts below give users a snapshot view of important data points as it relates to the brand.

Posts: Number of posts the brand appeared in. 

Engagements: Number of engagements the brand earned.

Valuation: Total earned media valuation based on CPEs, CPMs, and CPVs per platform. 

The arrows indicate the increase (green up arrow) or decrease (red down arrow) compared to the previous X number of days. In the example above, Wish appeared 220 posts, up 14.58% from the previous 31 days. 

The above graph shows the different types of assets (uniform, step and repeat, etc.) and scenes (birthday, score, press conference) that Wish appeared in, including the percentage and value of the total. 

By clicking on compare with previous period in the chart, you can see how the engagements over the selected period of time compared to the previous period. The yellow is the current time period and the grey dotted line in the previous period.  

Brand Interaction Type

Brand interactions break down how brands were given exposure: video mention (recognized in a video), visual mention (recognized in an image), @ Mentions, Hashtags, and Facebook Branded Content. Anywhere you see an orange lock that reads "Insights" those data points were taken directly from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Insights. Each brand interaction and "Totals" as well as individual channels are clickable, leading a user to Sponsorship Individual Posts page.