Individual Playlist

Each playlist now includes a summary-level review on important KPIs of the posts: engagement and valuation (both total and average) plus video views and impressions. Please note: video views and impressions are private data, for only owned and operated entities that have signed into Blinkfire. Estimated video views and impressions will appear for non-owned and operated entities.  

Enable Collaboration: To share a playlist, click "Enable Collaboration". This allows you and team members with a Blinkfire license to work on playlists together. You can always "Disable Collaboration". 

Export to Excel: Export the playlist data to excel. You have the option to choose which data points to include in the report. 

Detailed View or Compact View
You can also switch from "Detailed view" (above) to Compact view" (below). Detailed view includes engagement breakdowns, Compact view does not show the breakdown of engagements. 

*Playlists are just a list of items that are returned in a specific format. Custom Reports, on the other hand, will search for items matching the criteria at every load. This means that custom reports are not bound by an end date will constantly add new items as they are posted.