The Demographics dashboard gives you demographic data on your entity's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter followers as well as Combined data (demographics from the three social networks). Demographic data is updated every Monday.  

Instagram and Facebook Demographics

Instagram and Facebook demographics data is private, and pulled in from  Facebook Insights. In order to activate Instagram and Facebook demographics, you must be an admin, editor, moderator, advertiser, or analyst of your entity's Facebook Business Account and sign into Blinkfire. An Instagram Business Profile must be tied to the Facebook Account in order for Instagram Demographics to activate. 

Instagram and Facebook Demographics include followers by language, gender, country, and city. 

Twitter Demographics

Twitter Demographics is public facing data, and includes followers by language, interest, gender, country, and city.

Twitter - Audience Overlap

See the audience overlap from other entities in Blinkfire. The below screenshot shows the NBA's Twitter accounts, and what entities audience overlaps. This is only available for Twitter. 

Compare Data

You have the option to compare fans on each social media network. Below we click "Compare Fans" and look at the Lakers' Twitter demographics data of April 6 vs May 4. You can see data broken down by country, language, city, male, and female. This data is also exportable and you can even schedule a report to be delivered on a recurring basis.