Image Valuation

When a brand logo appears in an image shared on social media, the brand receives social exposure. The exposure depends on the number of engagements or impressions the post earns. Applying a Cost Per Engagement (CPE) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) model, we know how much the brand would need to pay to earn X engagements or Y impressions on the specific social network.

Image valuation is based on these qualitative factors: 

  • Binary: A brand is considered present or not (a brand's logo has no bearing on valuation)
  • Mimics how business buy promoted content on social media 

Timeline Image - CPE (Cost Per Engagement)

In this Golden State Warrior's Instagram post, BrandSpotterâ„¢ recognized two brands: Nike and Rakuten. The value received by both brands is the same (even if their location or size are different). Multiplying 95,672 (post engagements) x $.25 (Facebook's CPE) =  $23,918 (post valuation). What this means is that if Nike or Rakuten wanted to a run a promoted ad on Facebook, 95,672 engagements would cost each brand roughly close to $24,000. 

When you hover "Detected as" (as seen in the image above), it will show via icon whether the brand was spotted as a visual spot, @mention, branded hashtag, and FB Branded Content. Rakuten and Nike were both spotted using Blinkfire's BrandSpotterâ„¢ technology. 

When the four types of exposures are spotted, below is what the Brand view will look like. 

Instagram Stories (Image) - CPM (Cost Per Impression)

Because Instagram Stories are purchased via CPM through Facebook & Instagram's Ad Manager, they are valued on a CPM basis. The same qualitative factors mentioned above for timeline image posts apply when valuing a brand in Instagram Stories.

(To activate Instagram Stories, a Facebook admin must log in with your team's owned and operated account. This will enable Blinkfire Analytics to track and value Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories and the insights derived are private data, only available to a team's users).