Video Valuation

Video Valuation: Combines social and video inputs to create an earned media value brands receive through their exposures.

When a brand appears in a video shared on social media, the brand receives social exposure. This exposure depends on the number of engagements, impressions, or views the post received. A potential video value is derived by applying a Cost Per Engagement model (CPE), Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM), or Cost Per View (CPV). (Please note: CPM & CPV valuation is available if we have the credentials of an entity's owned and operated accounts. All data that is not public is, of course, private). 

There are a number of qualitative factors that affect the brand exposure in video: 

  • Time on Screen: The length of video and amount of time a brand is recognized during the video. A long spotting of a brand's logo will have more value than several short ones, even if the total displayed time is the same. 
  • Time Devaluation: When did the brand appear -- in the beginning, middle, and/or end of video. A brand's exposure decreases through the course of a video, so showing a sponsor at the beginning can provide the best value while devaluing brand exposure during later parts. 
  • Screen-share Percentage: Clarity or a logo + Brand premium on the size

These factors are applied, resulting in the brand valuation.

Timeline Video - CPE (Cost Per Engagement)

In this video from Liverpool FC, BrandSpotter™ recognized New Balance and Standard Chartered. The value received by both brands differs greatly compared to the potential value of the post. The post's potential value is Twitter's CPE x engagements. Each brand's individual value uses the qualitative factors mentioned above, resulting in a brand valuation: New Balance ($469.47) and Standard Chartered ($866.81). 

Instagram Stories (Video) - CPM (Cost Per Impression)

Because Instagram Stories are purchased via CPM through Facebook & Instagram's Ad Manager, they are valued on a CPM basis. The same qualitative factors mentioned above for timeline video posts apply when valuing a brand in Instagram Stories (video).

To activate Instagram Stories, a Facebook admin must log in with your team's owned and operated account. This will enable Blinkfire Analytics to track and value Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories and the insights derived are private data, only available to a team's users.